If you have never considered showing your APBT in a conformation show or weight pull contest, come on
out and see what we are about!  What better way is there to spend one day a month than gathering
with other owners of the American Pit Bull Terriers?  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rosette ribbons are
awarded for each regular age class (see below).  Trophies are awarded for all fun events, for Best
Puppy (all first place winners from 4-6 months thru 9-12 months), Best of Opposite and Best of Show
(all first place winners 12-18 months thru 5 and older, plus Best Puppy).  Don’t leave any ribbons or
trophies unclaimed!!  This is a family event and the future of our breed lies in the hearts of our
children.  So, each month we have a Junior Handler’s conformation event also.

If you own an APBT you know the intelligence, strength, loyalty, athleticism, courage and truly loving
dispositions these dogs possess.  A true family dog!  And, I am sure you recognize how much more
difficult it is becoming to be the owner of this breed!  Through our organization you can promote the
breed, stay apprised of upcoming legislation as it pertains to both the breed and any pet owner, as well
as make life long friends!

If you are a new owner of this breed and would like to learn more about responsible ownership,
exercising and conditioning your dog, proper housing, and breed characteristics, or you are possibly
interested in purchasing an American Pit Bull Terrier, this is the place to come!  The number of years
of experience with this breed within our membership is phenomenal.

We are an American Dog Breeders Association sanctioned club, but any pit bull and owner, “papered” dog
or not, spayed or neutered dog or not, can come out and join us monthly!  Come on out and learn what
the American Dog Breeder Association’s conformation standard is all about.

We also offer weight pull competition and weight pull training for you and your dog.  The American Pit
Bull Terrier is a performance-bred dog.  They usually LIKE to work and like to work HARD!  This
makes for a well-balanced pet.

10:30 AM - Weight Pull registration & weigh-in
10:45 AM - Weight Pull competition/training
12:00 PM - Something good from the grill ($5.00 donation per plate; includes drink & dessert)
12:30 PM - Brief Club Meeting
1:00 PM - Fun Events
Junior Handlers, Judge’s Choice, Best Red Nose, Best Brindle, Best Rescue, Best Conditioned & many
4-6 Month Males/Females
6-9 Month Males/Females
6-9 Month Males/Females
9-12 Month Males/Females
12-18 Month Males/Females
18-24 Month Males/Females
2-3 Year Males/Females
3-5 Year Males/Females
5+ Year Males/Females

Conformation classes are judged by the ADBA standard, and weight pull events are conducted according
to ADBA rules.  For more information go to www.adba.cc
Our fun shows are held on the
3rd Saturday of every month.  
Changes to this schedule will be
made in the event there is a
direct conflict with an ADBA
point show.  Therefore, please
check our Fun show calendar
regularly.  Thank you!
January 19th
February 23rd
*March 16th
*April 2
May 18th
June 1th
July 20th
August 17th
September 21st
October 19th
*Canine Costume Contest
*Pitbull Awareness Day
November 16th
Nov 30th & Dec 1st
MFAPBTA Point Show*
December 14th
Christmas Party
Election of Officers

Months designated with a single
* reflect a possible ADBA point
show conflict.
Veteran's Memorial Park, 3602 N. US Highway 301, Tampa, FL  33619
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